Sam Costello : Doll's House

Doll's House

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Split Lip

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Written by: Sam CostelloArt by: Savannah Horrocks

Hannah is about to turn 13 and growing up is causing problems in her family. Her father wants her to stay his "little girl," playing with doll houses and wearing dresses. Her mother encourages Hannah's maturing interests in science and adventure. While her parents fight over how she's going to grow up, Hannah explores-her house, nature, her parents' pasts. One day, while her parents are out running errands, Hannah searches the house, trying to discover what kind of birthday present she's going to get.

Instead, she uncovers an old family secret. A secret that connects to a mysterious, small house she found in the woods behind her home. But will she be able to figure out the connection between the secret and the house before her life is changed forever?

Doll's House is a one-shot comic that's part of the award-winning Split Lip anthology, which io9 hailed as "the webcomics answer to anthology series like The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery" and Rue Morgue magazine called "stark, gritty, and unflinching."

Editorial Reviews

  • 5 stars, comiXology

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