Ryan Hobbs : Practical Grace For Parents

Practical Grace For Parents

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Parenting is hard, and the truth is, by your own strength, you don't have what it takes. But thankfully, God never intended for you to parent by your own strength.

There are two key questions to parenting. How do I really help my child grow into who God intends for them to be? And, how do I overcome my failures and imperfections as a parent? Thankfully, both questions have the same answer...grace!

God's grace is so much more than just our ticket to heaven. God's grace is the power to live, and to parent.

Parenting is not about raising perfect children. And there is definitely no such thing as the perfect parent. Instead, God is looking for moms and dads who will tap into the power of God's loving kindness and then pour that loving kindness into the lives of their children.

So, if you are an imperfect parent that wants God's best for your imperfect children, this is the book for you!

Editorial Reviews

This is definitely a must read for any seasoned or first time parent! As a home
school mother of two I have read many books on parenting, but
Practical Grace for Parents is a book I couldn't put down. It clearly
explained the difference between parenting under the "law" and
parenting with grace in a concise and practical way that will encourage any

Sasi, Mom of Two

all want what is best for our children and we want them to be well-behaved, but
sometimes we are overly focused on their behavior. Practical Grace for
Parents can help us avoid some of these pitfalls of parenting, like
unintentionally manipulating our children with shame. Ryan shares a balanced
approach to parenting that shows a realistic understanding of our human nature,
societal norms, and parental challenges while giving us clearly laid out
principles to help us parent by the grace system. It is helpful biblical
teaching on how to imitate our heavenly Father with loving, gracious, and just

Scott, Mom of One

a father, who has spent many years as a summer camp director, I have many
personal experiences of trying, and many unsuccessful
attempts, to influence or mold the behavior of young people. Ryan illustrates
the value of God’s grace and how to apply it as a parent. He does a tremendous
job explaining how to help children grow into who God intends for them to be
and how to do so even though we are deeply flawed human beings. This book is a
wonderful inspiration for parents who are just getting started and for those
who have been at it for some time.

Larrabee, Father of Two

puts life into perspective when he says this about parenting by grace, 'Hard is
only hard in the short-term but easy in the long.'
This book was a great reminder that we don't have to be perfect but can rely on
God's abundant Grace.

Rossman, Mom of One

in our lives is of utmost importance. Grace in our children's lives is
paramount! This book spells out not only our children's needs
but how we as parents can overcome our own shortcomings in an effort to prepare
them for a lifelong relationship with Him. There are so many ways to fail and
only one way to succeed....practical grace.

Redick, Mom of Two

captures the essence of what parenting should be about in this book. The distinction he
makes between parenting by law or by grace is one that most of us as believers
never even consider. We know we are not
made perfect by our own efforts, yet we often approach our children from the
opposite point of view, that their "doing good" is purely a matter of
trying harder. We need grace to be parents,
and we need to communicate grace to our children.

Sullivan, Dad of Eight

succinctly captured the root issues that plague me as a parent – the “easy”
traps that I continually fall into which undermine my
ability to establish a loving, nurturing relationship with my children. Practical
Grace For Parents helped open my eyes to the implications of my parental
default of constantly pointing out where my children are missing the mark. My
attempts to parent out of my own flawed strength are sure to fail; Practical
Grace For Parents provides real and meaningful ways for me to parent out of
an overflow of God’s grace.

Dowdy, Mom of Two

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