R.W. Beauchamp : The Lone Gunmen:  Assassins in an American Manner

The Lone Gunmen: Assassins in an American Manner

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Sarah Vowell, David Talbot, William Turner & John Christian, Scott Miller, Charles Julius Guiteau

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The Lone Gunmen is a first person narrative of four assassins in American history. The novella seeks to explore the mentality of a singular act defining an individual in the public consciousness. The words of the killers are used whenever possible and a predictive narrative is given to the documented events depicted. As the story changes, the voice (complete with spelling and grammatical errors) shifts to the reflect the characters in question. The criteria for inclusion is as follows: American, political victim (i.e. president or presidential candidate), infliction of mortal wound and acting alone (sorry conspiracy theorists, respect the research).

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