Russell M. Stendal : Wisdom for the End Times: From the Book of Proverbs – A Commentary

Wisdom for the End Times: From the Book of Proverbs – A Commentary

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Blessed is the man that has found wisdom... Proverbs 3:13a

Wisdom for the End Times is a commentary on the first twelve chapters of the book of Proverbs, and may be used in a group study, or read by oneself. For easier study, the scriptures are included inline with the commentary.

The book of Proverbs has to do with acquiring the understanding and wisdom to interpret parables and the words and enigmas of the wise (many of which are prophetic). It especially uses contrast as a method of making its point on multiple levels. For example:

  • The fool is contrasted with the wise person. “Fool” comes from an obscure root word meaning “to be perverse.” The fool refuses to receive correction even though it would be to his benefit.
  • The wise, faithful woman is contrasted with another type of woman who is the path to death and perdition.
  • Good friendships are contrasted with evil ones.

There is a smooth way that seems right to the natural man, but in reality this is the road to perdition. There’s another way where it seems that we’ll lose not only the things of this world – things that we worked hard for and valued – but possibly even our own life. This way is uphill and against all natural odds. Yet this is the way to life. This is the way to the blessing. This is wisdom.

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