Ross Bonander : Modern Quotations 2011 - Wisdom & Wordplay, Excerpts & Extracts From the Calendar Year 2011

Modern Quotations 2011 - Wisdom & Wordplay, Excerpts & Extracts From the Calendar Year 2011

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Very few people change history. Bin Laden changed history.

Peter Bergen, Journalist

With the speed of technology ever increasing, our modern history is being written in soundbites. A soundbite today is drowned out tomorrow by an even funnier or sadder soundbite.

If you track, record, and compile these numerous quotes that surface in the news and popular culture, you have a very early, first draft of the modern age.

While you were laughing at the latest funny or poignant quote in 2011, Ross Bonander was busy diligently collecting the best quotes from throughout the year. Quotes from every facet of modern life - pop culture, global conflict, modern technology, social networks, politics, sports, disasters, profound life commentary, and of course, those incendiary media sound bites that flash and fade from the headlines.

When you look back on 2011, what was your favorite quote? Take a look and see if it made the cut.

It’s the best thing about baseball . . . You spend all this focus on the teams and the players with money, and yet when the roulette wheel stops it is David Freese batting against Neftali Feliz on a 1-and-2 pitch and a 96 mph fastball speeding toward the plate with a world championship on the line. With one swing, a World Series is transformed, and the moment is eternal.

Tom Verducci, sportswriter

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