Roseanne Cheng : The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High

The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High

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Children & Teens, Education & Teaching

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Rainbow Rowell, Laurie Halse Anderson, R.J. Palacio, Jay Asher, Jeff Kinney

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Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Publication Date

March, 2014



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Lincoln Junior High is out of money. For Andrew and Hannah, this means no sports, no music, and no fun. That is, until the principal begins a corporate sponsorship program to ''Take-Back'' the school. A few advertisements in exchange for cool programs and new technology can't be that bad. Or can it?

As the school year progresses, Andrew and Hannah notice that the corporations have become more important than the students. Risking their own reputations, they set out to rid the school of sponsorships, once and for all. In the effort to kick out the corporations, they uncover a secret about the program they never could have imagined, a secret that puts the survival of the school at risk. Will Andrew and Hannah be able to take back their school from the Take Back program?

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