Roger Kenworthy : Fire on the Plains of India

Fire on the Plains of India

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History, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Alternative history/military fiction/, Andy Weir, A.G. Riddle, Michael Crichton

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265 pages


10: 15196856

Publication Date

December 8, 2015



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Fire on The Plains of India is Volume 3 in the Nathanial Kenworthy adventure series. In this page turning tale, Nathanial ends up in ancient India and witnesses first hand an atomic war between two brothers, Bhuvanesh and Mahajan. While this duel is reminiscent of the deadly conflict in Rome between Romulus and Remus or the biblical rivalry between Cain and Abel, nevertheless, the outcome can wipe-out the lives of millions of people and not just a single soul.

Caught up in the passion for the journey, our time traveler is tittering between joining his past and leaving his present when he is unexpectedly abducted by the cruel Mahajan. As a psychological battle takes place between the two, the bodies begin to pile up as the plains of India turn red from the blood of the countless warriors killed in battle.

As the war rages on, Nathanial is no longer an asset to his captors and he is prepared to meet the benevolent gods. As he is about to meet his end, good fortune smiles down upon him from an unexpected source. While his future is alive, death from the skies shakes the countryside, the towns, and the villages… and the blood of innocent men, women and children baptizes the streets, rivers and valleys of this mystical land.

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Brian B
Filled with thought provoking philosophy and descriptive details, this story kept me on edge throughout the hair-raising and suspenseful scenes.

Thought provoking Bryan H The story is an incredible journey to the past filled with wonder and adventure. The main part of the story provides some very thought provoking insights into our humanity. The concepts of time, human nature and spirituality all covered in one great adventure. Not another mindless book, but one that makes you think about human nature.

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