Robin Ham : Good News People - A Six Session Workbook Exploring How the Gospel Shapes Our Everyday

Good News People - A Six Session Workbook Exploring How the Gospel Shapes Our Everyday

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Good News People is designed as a series of six sessions, with the purpose of guiding the reader through how the gospel of Jesus Christ nourishes and motivates the Christian's life and mission.

It is suitable both for individual devotions or to be studied as a small group, and is particularly geared towards helping a group of Christians reflect upon how they might begin to live as a gospel community on mission in a particular place. After all, that was the context this workbook was born out of.

We hope Good News People helps you explore what the Bible says about how the good news of Jesus has changed the Christian's past, present and future, as well as giving the Christian a new motivation to love others and a new message to share with the world.

Each brief chapter focuses on a particular Bible passage, giving some guide questions for digging into God's word, before offering some application exercises and example case-studies.


1 re-focusing our hearts on the gospel

2 the gospel has changed everything

3 the gospel changes us today

4 the gospel gives us hope for the future

5 the gospel makes us good neighbours

6 the gospel gives us good news to speak

I don't claim to have much original thought here; I've benefited lots from other writers like Tim Keller, Steve Timmis, & Tim Chester.

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