Robert Koyich : Seeds of Tomorrow (The 4th Fountain)

Seeds of Tomorrow (The 4th Fountain)

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96 pages





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Feb 11th, 2018



About the Book    About the Author

Seeds of Tomorrow is the 4th Fountain book. It draws from the world components that we need to thrive. Robert urges and reminds us that we need to share ourselves, our resources, and our knowledge. Focused on his local community, ideas for providing for those in need are seeds of their own. The book is an open and honest exposition of a fractured being who refuses to quit. He also calls us to be compassionate and assist those who need help. We must do something to provide for those other than ourselves, and Providing Point and its seed fund is what Robert shall do to assist. 100% of the proceeds of this book go to Providing Point to help with grocery cards in the Fraser Valley.

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