Robert Koyich : Fragments of Intent (The First Three Fountains)

Fragments of Intent (The First Three Fountains)

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226 pages





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February 28th, 2017



About the Book    About the Author

Fragments of Intent is a compilation of the first three books in the series 'The Fountains of Yesterday'.

Finding Natalie (the first book in the series) was written initially to an audience of one; the author's dream gal. Though they have not yet met, the dreams have been woven together through the past two decades.

Searching for Tomorrow (the second book in the series) was written outwards chapter by chapter to some crucial and key people in the author's story. The work carried ideas of Natalie into the text, though also brought the author forth to revealing other dreams and visions.

From the Valley to the Fountain (the third book in the series) dredged up some of the authors past with penance and introspection into how the journey has been and will form. Additional layers of wishes for the future and the idea of the Seed Fund are discussed and shared through the introversial work.

The joining of these three books into Fragments of Intent carry the saga of what has happened, and what shall be done. The world of Earth holds every component of this journey up to now for a Shoulsman afraid he will not meet the future of which he has been envisioning with his entire being. He will need much more help that just his own wishing heart.

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