Robert Koyich : Fragments of Intent

Fragments of Intent

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September 30th, 2018



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Fragments of Intent is a compilation of the first three Fountain books; Finding Natalie, Searching for Tomorrow, and From the Valley to the Fountain. Rob Started his authorship path with the intent to meet the famous singer Natalie Imbruglia, though while winding his written thread starting with Natalie, Rob developed into sharing his hopes, goals, and dreams. The first three Fountain books are not available publically, so Fragments of Intent is the book to read for the first three Fountains. I recommend the book for those that would like to look into where the saga began as a star-crossed child. The Fountains are an open and honest exposition of Robert's understanding of both himself and the world. The book The Sands of Yesterday includes Fountains four through six. 51% of Fragments of Intent's earnings go to the Ann Davis Transition Society. If you'd prefer a printed version of any of Rob's books, please visit Amazon and search the author name 'Robert Koyich."

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