Robert Koyich : Fields of Formation

Fields of Formation

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July 30th 2017



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Fields of Formation is the 5th book in the Fountains series. It is a cognitive work of sharing ideas, thoughts, and intents with an audience of any. The 5th Fountain was sourced from initial ideas of the Seed Fund and twisted in and outwards from two difficult months of the author's life. Though some invested character of self was fused into the book, there also are some ideas that can be used for the reader too.

With misdirections and lures, some have tried to taint and paint a picture that will not be formed. The brush of the author, though, can still refine and paint a new tapestry of thought that is good and well for many more than a few.

Though still eight years away from the Glass House, the ideas and seeds planted in the decades before have started to ground and nourish. A set path of providing for others well-being in regards to hope, faith, and also the base necessities and lessons that we may still need to learn.

I hope you may dig into this book. The process of forming them is guided by many forces of above and below, and though we are all on the same planet, theoretically. There still are pockets of time, rhyme, place, and grace that are unfurled into a potentially ever changing future.

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