Robert Koyich : A Distant Glimmer

A Distant Glimmer

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March 27th., 2018



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Through a course of time and developed thought, Robert navigates through text towards objectives that shift into the sand. His work is that of obsessive nature and committed resolve with points of wondering "Why do I even do this?"

We move forward with the premise that each deserve a good life and discuss some theories of such. This book also dredges up Robert's doubt about what he can do for the world when teetering through beliefs and understanding,

The 6th Fountain culminates the three parts of the Fountains of Faith leading to the 7th and 8th Fountains to draw forward into the Fountains of Fortitude. Craving and caring deeply for some glimmers of hope, a twinkle in the soul reminds us of a star that set the net of spirit. Though she can't hear it, there is a pennant notion that suggests she brought the threads of thought.

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