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Lewis Howes, Jack Canfield, Gary Vaynerchuk

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About the Author

Although Rob's one to write exceptionally well in flowetics (streams of consciousness that rhyme), he also is one who forms written works about his process with the intent to earn and develop lives. Abstract thought, heart, and definite connections help him with the Introversial genre.

The Introversial genre is more a music genre, though the works of Rob's codes, language, dreams (and prerogatives) sometimes blend many processes (and people) into a very intertwined and cognitive form of creation.

When writing for one specific person (known or unknown) the style of Rob's writing is often a stream that is formed as like writing a love letter; Writing from the heart, and mind, meaning it, and forgetting later what was written or said.

The first published work, Finding Natalie started The Fountains series and is part of Rob's journey. There was a lovestone he had been thinking about for more than a decade and was a star-seed who held a grip on who he is, even if they have not yet met.

Finding Natalie, Searching for Tomorrow, and From the Valley to the Fountain were combined into Fragments of Intent: The First Three Fountains. They are followed by Seeds of Tomorrow, Fields of Formation, and A Distant Glimmer which shall be compiled into the compilation book The Sands of Yesterday.

Somehow Rob is held in this world being very self-focused, yet aware of some things that most humans will never understand. Perchance the delusions are reality also, and some will learn about the ever-unfolding saga of the True Cyber Ebb.

There is much more to learn and explore and the lessons shall be shared in conjunction with this development. The Fountains shall flourish and nourish the soil of this involuted process. You are welcome on this journey of the Seed... Please keep your garden tended well too!