Robb Overholt : The Keys of Change

The Keys of Change

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About the Book    About the Author

This book was written with an airplane ride in mind. It needed to be concise and straight-forward, short enough that anyone on a decent length flight would have time to read it. So, take off from point A, ingest this book, land at point B, digesting it and living off of its energy from there on out. Landing in a new place both literally and metaphorically. Different. the little book about change that will change you.

With humor and profound insight, the music-based metaphors sync up to practical strategies for positive outcomes in much the same way that a great harmony supports a strong melody. These principles will work for anyone, in any walk of life, in any career, always. A captivating writer, speaker, and innovative thought leader, Robb's universal and versatile message is a perfect fit for any individual or organization in an ever-changing world.

Editorial Reviews

"Robb is not only a master storyteller and musician, he's also one of the most insightful people I know. This book will change how you view your circumstances and help you make the most of your one and only life." - Ben Arment, author of Dream Year


"Every so often an agent of change will come along with an insightful interpretation of time tested, verifiable and implementable processes for taking on the sometimes uncomfortable events that come our way in life. Robb Overholt is one of those change agents. He has cleverly "orchestrated" a very straight forward yet thought provoking book that outlines in a very entertaining manner the processes and, more importantly, the guide to getting back into the groove of what we all call "life". If life has created new tension for you, I highly recommend you take the time to hear Robb's message of taking risks, responding to unpleasant change, and then achieving ultimately the results we all want and strive for. If you are going through a season of change and you're in need of feeling happy again...make The Keys of Change a must read in 2015 and better yet...see Robb's event live. I did...I'm a believer...I'm a fan of Robb Overholt!" - Kenny Porter, Wealth Coach / Speaker / Trainer and Author, The Billionaire Within

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