Raza Imam : The Passive Income Playbook

The Passive Income Playbook

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Patrick King, Hal Elrod, Steve Scott

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About the Book    About the Author

        Discover the most powerful way to make passive income - start making $500 to $2500 in just 30 days.

        Then use it to make money for the rest of your life.

        Are you looking for a a proven, step-by-step system that allows you to make passive income streams on autopilot - with very little experience?

        Are you ready to start making passive income, but don't know where to begin?Well, just imagine what it would be like if you easily saw money rolling into your bank account. Because once you master this process, you'll be able to work from anywhere in the world.

        You'll be able to quit your job for good. And you'll be able to build passive income business profits over the long-term.In this short but powerful book, I reveal my story of building a passive income business.

        How I went from making 0 to almost $2000 per month - in a month. And I've been making more and more money ever since.You'll discover how I did it, step-by-step. I'll show you how to get the same results as me. Even if you have a full-time job. In this book, you will learn:

        • Exactly how you can earn passive income streams - in the next 30 days
        • The most overrated ways to build a passive income business - and why I don't recommend them
        • The FASTEST way to get started - even if you have no experience Insider tricks people like you are using to earn thousands and thousands of dollars per month in passive income
        • Over 20 passive income ideas that you can use to get started - today

It's time to stop gambling with your hard-earned money.

This strategy is powerful, and yet so simple to use.

Join the thousands of smart professionals that are leveraging their expertise to make consistent passive income and make money from home - today.

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