Rick Outzen : I'm That Guy

I'm That Guy

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March 3, 2014



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I'm That Guy is a collection of "Outtake" columns by Rick Outzen that he published in his weekly newspaper, The Independent News. The columns show his struggle to help his paper and Northwest Florida battle the "storms" of hurricanes, oil spills and corrupt politicians. Someone has to be that guy that challenges the status quo. Rick Outzen is that guy.

Rick writes about covering Hurricane Ivan, the sensational murders of Byrd and Melanie Billings, and the BP Oil Spill. He also writes about his heroes and mentors, being a father of three daughters, and his Mississippi roots. His voice is unique and rare in this day of corporate news media. Rick isn't afraid to poke fun at himself. He jokes that he only knows 500 words, and he just has to put them in a different order every week to complete a column. In Northwest Florida, readers will argue over his columns, but they have to read them every week. That is just the way Rick likes it.

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