Richard Moore : Journeys of Lightheartedness

Journeys of Lightheartedness

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Highland House

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January 2015



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This download contains two chapters: New York Stories (Chapter 3) and Riding the Big Red to South Carolina (Chapter 4); 60 pages

In his new book, Journeys of Lightheartedness, travel writer and investigative journalist Richard Moore takes readers on an unforgettable adventure to lands close by and far away, as he travels toward his ultimate destination: self-discovery and belonging through an understanding of sense of place.

Along the way, he introduces us to characters – somnolent New York cab drivers, Parisian pranksters, a fugitively dreaming artist, a team of visionary inn makers, even guardian angels – who help him discover the exotic at home and uncover home in the far-flung land. They help him, and us, understand what a sense of place is all about: a journey of the heart, and its marriage to the land you happen to be in.

“This book is really about going home, no matter where you might physically be,” Moore says. “The people of Edisto Island, South Carolina, who tend not to travel great distances, like to say, ‘Why do we need to go anywhere? We are already here.’ Precisely. This book is about loving where you are, about finding community within, whether you are in your own backyard or you travel to a Greek Island 5,458 miles from home.”

Travel we do in Journeys of Lightheartedness. Missing no detail of description, Moore takes us from the South Carolina lowcountry to the Blue Ridge Mountains, where fireflies light up the dark valleys like Christmas trees; from exuberant Paris to sublime New York, where every experience is so emotionally heightened it leaves you wondering whether any of it was real; from a leisurely day in a mountain valley to a lonely bus ride, where Moore discovers that hope always travels on, no matter how despairing the human journey; from a small North Carolina city, where visionary inn makers and downtown dreamers engage in an entrepreneurship of the soul, to northern Wisconsin, where all the hopes and dreams of the past still saturate the present and even flutter above it, like flags on the shoulders of stilfull water skiers.

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