R.F.Kristi : Vampires at Easter, Diary of a Snoopy Cat

Vampires at Easter, Diary of a Snoopy Cat

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151 pages





Publication Date

January 5, 2018



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Can one cat detective keep vampires off the guest list?

Inca the Siberian Kitty and her globetrotting furry family are always up for an adventure. She can’t wait for the upcoming Easter jamboree at Bran Castle. It’s bound to inspire pages of new thrills for her diary. But behind the fancy dresses and decorations, Inca stumbles upon a spooky mystery…

When a scheming sorceress and a would-be vampire threaten to crash the party, Inca must follow the clues to thwart their plan. With her family and new friends in danger, the world’s greatest cat detective must think on all four feet to keep vampires from running wild in Transylvania.

Editorial Reviews


Reviewed by Karen Walpole for Readers' Favorite

Vampires at Easter, Diary of a Snoopy Cat by R.F.
Kristi contains characters from hamsters to vampire bats. Inca, the main
character and voice of the story, is a cat who belongs to a cheese shop owner
and runs an all-animal detective agency. Inca and her cat friends, Cara and
Fromage, together with other friends, including their hamster friend,
Charlotte, are off on a great adventure in Transylvania. Their human, Missy, is
hired to cater a scary-theme party in Bran Castle, which is known for being
Dracula’s home. Everyone travels to Transylvania and begins preparations for
the party. After solving one mystery about missing cheese, the friends get
involved in a much more sinister and frightening case involving vampires, bats,
secret towers and magic potions.

Children will love to read about Inca and her
fellow detective friends in Vampires at Easter by R.F. Kristi. Each of the
animal characters has a distinct and interesting personality that brings
something to this imaginative story. Readers can identify with any number of
these characters. The illustrations by Jorge Valle add tremendously to the
book's delightful presentation. I enjoyed imagining a cat writing the story
down in a journal and the relationships between humans and animals are fun and
even accurate in some respects. Kristi’s mixing of clothing-wearing,
self-assured cats with bats and vampires in a castle in Transylvania is
imagination genius. The book is perfect for young readers who like animal
characters and also to be just a little bit frightened.

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