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Christmas Cats

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October 2016



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In Christmas Cats, readers are introducedto a discerning group of cats and some of their select friends (including a few dogs and a hamster). The group’s fearless leader is Inca, a Siberian cat. This second installment in the Inca Cat series is a detective story full of intrigue and deception. A human friend has been lost for some time—a tip that might lead to his recovery has taken the dog detective Terrance and his human co-detectives on a wild adventure in the Himalayas. Although they are not sure what they will find, the cats are sure that the efforts of the seekers will not be in vain

Closer to home, the remaining cats must deal with the possible wrongful eviction of a fellow pet’s owner. Told from Inca’s perspective, the story takes several surprising twists and turns and highlights the importance of giving second chances. Boss, a neighbor dog, has often terrorized the community’s cats but when he needs help finding a way to keep his owner from losing his home, Inca is quick to come to his aid. In exchange, the cats ask that Boss changes his ways when it comes to cats, and Boss complies because of the bond of friendship that Inca has fostered.

Editorial Reviews

Christmas Cats is sure to appeal to pet lovers in generaland to cat lovers, in particular. Inca, the main character, exemplifies the
intelligence and cunning of our feline friends and is a sure-footed and
strong-willed leader. Readers will surely admire Inca’s grace and wit as they
follow the detective cat’s adventures in this unexpected tale of redemption.
Best suited to younger readers, up to age 8.

—The Children’s Book Review (www.thechildrensbookreview.com)

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