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Travel to research for your novel

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Most authors think that a research trip is too expensive, or that they can’t leave their families, or that it’s too far away.

But professional authors know how essential it is to spend time on location. It’s the only way to build a solid foundation of material that will accompany — or even guide — you while you’re writing your novel.

When you use a step-by-step plan, organising your research trip can be done in a few days. Plus with a plan, you’ll find ways to make your stay possible (we’re talking money, time and yes — what to do with your family).

With a plan, you’ll meet reliable interview partners and experts who will be delighted to support you.

With a plan, you’ll make sure you don’t miss anything important while you’re documenting your setting.

Introducing the »Plan your research trip« Workbook.

Especially created for travelling authors who want to plan the before, during and after of their time on location.

Get the first step of the Workbook Guide and start planning your own research trip.

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