Rene Pfitzner : Sneaky Goblins Issue One

Sneaky Goblins Issue One

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The hero in Sneaky Goblins is Dank: an underachieving and risk-averse assassin making his way in the world. His first job out of assassin school is to steal a sacred elf relic for the local mob syndicate. Along the way he beats dungeon bosses, upgrades his armour, fights the dragon, and impersonates a grocer, proving beyond all doubt that he really is a Sneaky Goblin.

Dank feels completely out of his depth but doesn’t go it alone!

He gets some help along the way and finds he is capable of greater things than he ever believed.

Editorial Reviews

"Like the name suggests, Sneaky Goblins catches you by surprise and goes straight for the heart (via the jugular). René Pfitzner has created an
original tale of epic proportions with twists and turns that will satisfy any
avid adventurer (or one-armed magical orc)."

(The Simpsons, Futurama, I Hate

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