Rebecca Hunter : Stockholm Diaries, Melanie

Stockholm Diaries, Melanie

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Rebecca Hunter

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November 10, 2015



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Long summer days in the archipelago A young biographer looking for answers And the sizzling man she finds instead... In the next book in the Stockholm Diaries series! Biographer Melanie has spent her life in the shadow of a single question: Why did her father abandon her? When he unexpectedly dies and leaves her his cabin in the Stockholm archipelago, Melanie heads straight for Sweden, looking for answers. But island life isn’t what she expects, and neither is her new neighbor, Henrik. Together they try to piece together the story that both tangles their lives together and pulls them apart.

Editorial Reviews

"5 'Perfect Ending' Stars

I have not stopped thinking about this story since I finished it. This is one that I wanted to start rereading as soon as I was done. I also wish that I could reread it again for the first time all over again. With Rebecca Hunter's smart and mature writing style, I fell in love with both Henrik and Melanie. Her ability to transport me to a place I've never been made me feel like I was a part of their story and not just living vicariously through them. The way Rebecca wove an intricate storyline that encompassed not just Henrik and Melanie but their parents as well shows her strength as a writer. This was a love story that brings in the idea of fate and meant to be's and gave me everything a good love story should.

Melanie has come to an island near Stockholm after her father died in hopes that she can put together the pieces of her past. After her father left when she was four and was never to be heard from again, she has struggled. Because her father is a famous published poet, Melanie thinks that by writing his biography that maybe she'll learn what made her father leave and why he never wanted to be part of her life. But life on this isolated island wasn't exactly what she thought it would be. Always keeping people at arms length after watching her mother pine for a man that didn't want her, she never expects to meet anyone especially not her father's gorgeous handyman.

Henrik is a bit of a mystery at first but he's her only contact in a foreign country. When he helps her get to the mainland for grocery's and Internet, she finds out that he's more than just a handyman. He was also her father's translator. And since all of her father's journals are in Swedish, she needs his help. But as they spend time together and their attraction deepens, they find that they fit together and have more in common than they ever expected. As they wade their way through years of poems and journal entries, both Melanie and Henrik find answers and revelations that rock their foundations. They also learn about each other. When the summer is over, Henrik and Melanie have to determine where they go next, if they can do it together or if the past is too painful.

I was seriously blown away by this book. There was a quiet intensity to both Melanie and Henrik that pulled me in and had my heart hurting right along with them. While there isn't a whole lot of present outside influence to disrupt their burgeoning romance, the past weaves it's fickle claws into their lives throwing things off balance. As secrets were unburied, I clutched my chest as Henrik and Melanie's lives were thrown off course. But I was also enraptured by their love affair and growing feelings for each other. Rebecca Hunter is an author that more people need to read. I feel lucky to have found her and can only hope that more people do as well. Her stories have heart and passion, take me to new and exciting places, and always leave a smile on my face."

- Paige, Goodreads

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