Rebecca Burns : Catching the Barramundi

Catching the Barramundi

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Short stories, Raymond Carver, Ernest Hemingway

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Odyssey Books

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19 November 2012



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*** Longlisted for the Edge Hill Short Story Prize 2013 ***

Sudden, shattering moments of realisation; creeping, gradual self-awareness – Catching the Barramundi is a collection of contemporary short stories charting the dichotomous processes of reassessment and reflection. The settings vary, but the characters in each tale experience moments of introspection and self-scrutiny, quite out of step with their daily lives.

Editorial Reviews

“an interesting, coherent and well structured debut” (Adrian Slatcher, Sabotage Reviews)

“The intimacy of these stories, and the easy flow of the narratives, made me feel as though I were a privileged voyeur in one little portion of the lives of these folks–in my opinion, this is arguably the most important attribute of good storytelling.” ***** (Terry Rogers)

“Delving into a collection of beautifully-written short stories is a bit like being presented with a selection box of luscious chocolates: once you’ve tasted one, it’s tempting to polish off the lot at one sitting. However, as with those posh chocs, Rebecca Burns’ succulent assortment is an indulgence to be savoured.” ***** (Janet)

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