Ray N. Kuili : Awakening (chapters 1-3, exclusive NoiseTrade offer)

Awakening (chapters 1-3, exclusive NoiseTrade offer)

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Suspense, Fiction

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George Orwell, William Golding, Hermann Hesse, Christopher Nolan, Alfred Bester

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439 pages


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Publication Date

November 12, 2012



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Lord of the Flies meets a corporate retreat in this thought-provoking psychological thriller. When 11 rising-star managers attend a mysterious leadership conference in a secluded luxury lodge, they do not anticipate the twisted mind games that await them. Asked to pick a leader among themselves, they soon realize that nothing is what it seems at this place, where managers are compared to ancient conquerors and one corporate taboo gets broken after another. As the group exercise progresses rapidly from a friendly election to a dangerous web of no-holds-barred power plays, the players don’t realize that soon some of them will be facing the harshest challenge of their lives. The unconventional workshop is about to take a dramatic turn, testing values and characters of its participants in the most brutal ways and presenting them with the ultimate question: how high a price are they willing to pay for power?

If you enjoy closed-room battle of wills stories like 12 Angry Men or cautionary tale books that delve deep into the nature of power like 1984, Awakening is a novel for you.

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Editorial Reviews

Awakening, written by Ray N. Kuili, is the story of various management level business people whose thirst for power and drive to succeed lead them to a mysterious and secluded training seminar. This page turner is exciting for the underlying tensions between the characters, which makes it almost psychological in nature. Themes of conquest and thirst for power are apparent, and re-emerge within the plot again and again. Such themes ask the reader not only to ponder the characters' drives and aspirations, but also to question their own base desires. From the times of Napoleon to the modern cut-throat business world, Kuili asks the age old question: how far will someone go to become truly powerful? This thriller is wonderfully descriptive, fast paced, and complex. It boasts believable characters and a setting that is both bizarre and intriguing


Without giving too much away, the ending leaves the reader positively shaken. With a twist that is just as curious as the rest of the story, I was left entertained yet contemplative. This is truly one of the more admirable qualities of this novel. It does not simply serve as a good read, but one that leaves the reader thinking about broader issues. Awakening is a novel I would recommend for those who are looking for a thriller that is unique and powerful in its own right.

- OneTitle Magazine

Whew! This is fast action, with many characters you'll need to keep track of. Will you be able to identify who would be the last one standing... A thriller like no other I've read...exciting, fresh, and full of bureaucratic game playing... I saw many of these games played routinely, but when game players are pitted against each other, some will play to win! Highly recommended for those who want to learn how to play... You know who you are...

- Book Reader's Heaven

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