Randy Nargi : A Killing in the Air

A Killing in the Air

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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George R. R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Lee Child, Robert Jordan, Michael J. Sullivan

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When retired Imperial Investigator Bander reaches into a hollow to retrieve his cache of gold, he finds it gone and something else left in its place: a scrying stone with a message from a mysterious young sorceress asking his help in solving the murder of Tobin Leroth, one of Bander's oldest friends. Tobin Leroth was flung to his death from a catapult during a city festival and only the secretive Mage Guild knows why. But as Bander gets drawn deeper into a deadly mystery that involves the highest powers in the realm, he finds himself on the run from the same dark forces he suspects killed his friend. But this time they are hunting him...

A KILLING IN THE AIR is a brawling, hardboiled fantasy that combines the fast pace of thrillers like "24" and Jack Reacher with a brutal fantasy world like "Game of Thrones."

Editorial Reviews

"This is a truly fresh, inventive story with great characters and tons of action set in a cool, highly-detailed new world. The mystery at the heart of "Bander" hooks you right out of the gate, develops quickly and never lets go-- though I found myself wanting to pause to ponder some of the incredibly intriguing technologies, weapons and environments introduced along the way. A great ride. Definitely start with Book 1 and enjoy." --Kenneth G. Bennett, author Exodus 2022 and The Gaia Wars

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