Randrick Chance : Transition to Civilian Life with Confidence: A 90-Day Strategy to Launch a Lucrative Career or Business Using Your Military Training and Experience

Transition to Civilian Life with Confidence: A 90-Day Strategy to Launch a Lucrative Career or Business Using Your Military Training and Experience

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This is The Ultimate Career Transition Manual For Military Veterans!

Transition to Civilian Life with Confidence – A 90-Day Strategy to Launch a Lucrative Career or Business Using your Military Skills and Experience is the latest and most up-to-date guide that provides practical solutions for veterans successfully transition to civilian life. Whether you're on active duty, contemplating transition or retiring, currently in transition, or have transitioned but still trying to find your place in the civilian workforce, this book will calm your worries about fitting in, replacing your income, and if you are good enough for the civilian world. It is written by veterans who have walked your shoes and understand the concerns of transitioning. The authors will share with you a strategic framework to help you launch a new career or business using what you have already mastered while in the service – your military training and experience.

Here Is A Preview of What You'll Be Able to Do After Reading This Book:

  • Bravely Face Your Fears About Replacing Your Military Income
  • Reassure You That You Have What It Takes To Succeed On The Outside
  • Find And Start A New Job
  • Flex Your Entrepreneurial Guns
  • Start A Business
  • Go Back To School To Pursue A Degree Which Will Also Help You Achieve Your Career Goals
  • And Much More!

If you're an Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy veteran, this new book will resonate with you!

You have served your country well, now it's time transition to civilian life with confidence, and launch a new career or business using your military training and experience in 90 days or less. Dive in and devour the contents of this new book.

Bookmark the launch page at http://transitiontocivilianlifebook.com.

* Want even more in terms of application of this material, then dare to take the 40 Day GREATNESS Challenge at https://www.strategicsecrets.com/challenge.

Meet The Authors By Checking Out Their Amazon Author Pages: William Villanueva, Ph.D., MBA is a freelance writer, a strategic management and leadership blogger, and has over 25 years of hands-on and academic leadership experience. He served in the United States Navy for 21 years and retired in 2006.

Randrick Chance a multiple #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Pastor, and Lifestyle Coach. After enjoying a successful naval career, he transitioned to civilian life and pursued a rewarding career in humanitarian relief. His service to the needy has taken him to over 25 countries on 6 continents. Get his fresh insights and trainings at www.strategicsecrets.com and www.strategicsecrets.com

Editorial Reviews

Shawn M. Kerns: "Great and useful book. Authors are well versed in the topic, having served our nation with honor and having completed significant research on the topic. Nothing is better than first-hand experience from someone who has been through it before."

Anutza Bellissimo: "Transition to Civilian Life with Confidence is a book I can recommend to anyone transitioning from the military to civilian life. It's inspiring, practical, and a great tool. After reading this book, it's clear that the author, Randrick Chance, is passionate about supporting American veterans. The author does a great job of sharing useful links to provide resources for those ready to make the transitional shift. Check it out!"

Anthony Correa, RN, BSN, U.S. Army Veteran: “Spectacular book. Simply awesome and inspiring! If you're newly transitioning to civilian life, this is definitely the book for you. However, this book is also very helpful to those who've been veterans for a while and contemplating on taking a new path in life. Check out Chance’s other great books on Amazon as well.”

Michael Moshiri, #1 Amazon bestselling author of Never Chase Clients Again: "With so many service members struggling to make the transition to civilian life, this book is not only timely but urgently needed. Our veterans have valuable skills that can help them succeed in business, and this book provides them with the guidance they need to recognize and leverage those skills successfully."

Galenakgosi M. Orapeleng, DMin., ThD, Professor, Solusi University: “I have known Mr. Randrick Chance as a very organized, focused, and gifted person, with depth, passion, and humility that allows him to work with people and to achieve massively within a short time. His leadership is a demonstration of his exceptional expertise in the area of motivating others to apply what they know. We would certainly welcome a training program from Randrick Chance with confidence that it comes from field experience, as well as quality scholarship.”

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