Randall Seeley : Dragonlyst: A Short Novel

Dragonlyst: A Short Novel

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Fantasy, Brandon Sanderson, James Dashner, Suzanne Collins, Terry Brooks

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If you love Fantasy, Dragons, and Suspense, then Dragonlyst is for you! This is a partial sample of Dragonlyst: A Short Novel

The people of Ardonor suffer from a curse that flows through their veins...at any moment one of them could snap and transform into an enraged dragon.

To survive, the Order of the Dragon was created to train brave warriors how to combat dragons, and teach brilliant scholars how to alter the curse through science.

But not everyone was fond of the strict governance of the Order, and many saw that they could turn a handsome profit if they learned these skills outside of the Order’s control.

Jefrie Danglon was one such person.

Gifted with a brilliant mind, Jefrie found himself drawn to dralchemy. Working with his uncle, his best friend, and a Master Dralchemist, they quickly formed one of the most successful underground businesses in Ardonor.

But performing dralchemy outside of the Order has its risks.

When they agree to the most lucrative contract they’d ever seen, they thought it was simple and straight forward. Dragonlyst. An inordinate amount of dragonlyst. But what they soon realize is that they may have agreed to something that none of them were prepared for.

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