Rachel G. Scott : Better Than Blended: Taking Your Step Family from Surviving to Thriving!

Better Than Blended: Taking Your Step Family from Surviving to Thriving!

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TKI Publishing

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April 1, 2016



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A blended family is a gift from God, but one that brings with it distinct challenges—other people’s opinions, our children’s difficulty adjusting, and our own unmet expectations, to name a few. Not to mention trying to keep romance alive! But God intends for your blended family to join together as one in Him—and not only to survive but also to thrive!

If you are a blended family or about to become one, this workbook is for you. Willie and Rachel Scott have taken their personal experience as a blended family and created this six-week study for families seeking to blend gracefully into one. Intended to be done with a group or as a couple, the Better than Blended Workbook covers various topics—from discovering your unique family journey to dealing with hurts from your past to helping your kids adjust—and helps you to be intentional about developing unity and drawing closer to God as a cohesive family unit.

As children, Willie and Rachel Scott both experienced life in a blended-family home. When they became a blended-family themselves, they prayed that with his three children and her two, their own blended-family journey would be better than what they had experienced as children. God answered that prayer, and they now have a beautiful family of seven children ranging from infant to adult. Willie, a youth mentor and award-winning community advocate, who worked for Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority for over 15 years. Rachel, a teacher and author, is a graduate of Kansas State University and the University of Mary and has written the e-booklet 7 Ways to Deal with Conflict in Co-Parenting. Their shared passion for Christ and for encouraging youth and families led Willie and Rachel to found Better than Blended, a ministry devoted to encouraging, mentoring, and equipping blended families to become pillars of strength and awesome testimonies of the sustaining power of God’s truth.

Editorial Reviews

One day while at church our Pastor mentioned a Blended Family Workshop. I thought to myself, what a great way to get involved without the long term commitment. After all, we could use all the help we could get with our 5 children. When I returned home, my husband Chad was less than pleased. He stated we could teach the class ourselves and we don’t need any help. Needless to say, I won that battle and we participated in the workshop! Better Than Blended was above and beyond what we expected. Initially, I thought it was going to become a complaint session, fueled by myself. Little did I know how much of an impact it would have on our marriage and our family. Chad absolutely loved the group…and the socialization! It really made us think a lot about things we were doing at home. I really think it should be a long term group and more than just a workshop. It was nice to know we weren’t the only ones struggling and it was a great support group for us as well!

Jessica, Stepmom

Willie and Rachel gave several practical tools for promoting unity within marriage and gave encouragement and wisdom based on Biblical truths. Their talk really “hit home” with many of our young moms!

Meredith Beavers, Coordinator of Momtourage

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