jesse wroblewski : Puppet Terrors - Trade Paperback 1-4

Puppet Terrors - Trade Paperback 1-4

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Puppet Master, Childs Play, Chuck Palinhuik, Quentin Tarantino

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Just by looking at them you can tell that Bunky The Clown and Death Row Joe are not your average, everyday toys. In the confines of their owner's bedroom, when no one is around, we can see how different Bunky and Joe truly are. They walk, they talk (often using profanity), and on occasion get into trouble. They thought they were the only living toys in existence, but one fateful day trouble found them and changed their lives forever.

The pair came to learn of a factory deep in the heart of the South Pole run by another living toy named Klaus. Filled with questions about their origins as well as a healthy thirst for revenge, the two set out on a road trip to the South Pole.

4 issue mini series all in glorious full color!

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