Aaron Porter : Soul Architecture

Soul Architecture

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Soul Architecture is a journey into the practical outworking of the power of the gospel in the lives of Christians, using the Enneagram as the bridge between who God made you to be, and the natural ways each individual's flesh seeks to subvert those truths. God has given you a vehicle of discovering Him, His love, and His Kingdom. It's you... He stuck you, in you, to navigate this shadow world and to discover Him through the person and work of Christ. Whether you are an experienced enneagram devotee or simply want to understand your gospel journey more clearly, Soul Architecture gives a fresh view into truths for living.

Editorial Reviews

In his book Soul Architecture, Aaron has captured a deeper dimension of the enneagram. His idea of Soul Architecture resonates with my longing to make sense of myself within the creation. As I see me in his description of my "type," I also see the Great Architect who designed each soul in His Image. I also recognize the Person Jesus who shows us the Father in His own human personality. To know myself as a unique-created person and realize I am also a type has released me to trust Christ even more with finishing the good work He has begun in me!

Also, I admire Aaron's commitment to the gospel which he displays with fresh and refreshing images and stories. For Christians and others worn out by Christian cliche, this work offers much to startle and stir the senses and sensibilities anew!

— Christine Dente (Singer/Songwriter Out of the Gray)

Spouses, business partners, parents, siblings, classmates, neighbors -- we are all in relationships, and the dynamics of those relationships can be mystifying. In this fascinating book, Aaron Porter shines the light of the gospel into our best and worst relational traits. This is valuable information, thought-provoking and useful for any Christian who wants to function more productively within the Body of Christ."

--Nate Larkin (Founder of the Samson Society and Author of "Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood")

Soul Architecture has revolutionized the coaching and counseling we do at our church. It has given us a window, deeper into the soul - beneath personality, gender or life experience - to know more specifically why each individual feels and thinks the way they do. It gives us a clear view of each persons gospel identity, their true self in Christ, as well as an insightful view of their entire range of spiritual health. Best of all, Soul Architecture provides us with real, tangible ways for us to move up and forward toward the people Jesus died for us to be.

- Dayn Mansfield (Pastor, Templeton, CA)

Soul Architecture is one of the most in depth tools for personal growth or discipleship where understanding personality, decision making, and identifying your gospel identity are all weaved together. Once I was given the proper lens to view my life by, I was able to clearly see where I was choosing to cling to the illusion of control and where I was surrendering control to God. Once I had a grasp on my own Architecture I was able to see my family and friends the way God sees them. I stopped trying to relate to them in the way I see life and started to move toward a better understanding of how they think, act, love, and live.

- Dr. Michael Reynolds (Life Coach and Author of "Love One Another: A Journey Towards Deeper Friendship")

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