planetMitch : The HDSLR Revolution is Over... Right?

The HDSLR Revolution is Over... Right?

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Sept 17, 2013



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The Canon EOS 5D Mark II created a revolution in filmmaking - but it was introduced over 6 years ago - Is the revolution still happening? On the anniversary of the beginning of the revolution, I thought about creating an ebook about the history of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and predictions for the future of HDSLRs. I thought about writing the e-book all by myself and giving my opinions and going thru the history of the 5D2 and that just didn’t seem quite enough.

So I asked as many people as I possibly could where they thought the HDSLR revolution was going from here. I didn’t give the much direction other than a few suggested topics. I decided it would be best if everyone formulated their own opinions based on their own current viewpoints.

We have over 30 amazing responses from industry leaders, plain folks working with HDSLRs and other cameras daily, as well as from people all around the world.

You can find all of that in the ebook! It is well over 130 pages!

Also, you’ll find in the addendum, a transcription of a conversation that was held in the teradekbooth at NAB 2013 called “Is DSLR Dead?” The panelists were Matthew Allard, Jason Wingrove, Paul Schneider, and Andy Shipsides.

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