P.J. Leonard : Tick (Sample)

Tick (Sample)

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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J.K. Rowling, Jonathan Stroud, Erin Hunter, Eoin Colfer

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Publication Date

August 4th 2014



About the Book    About the Author

*This book is a 5-chapter sample of the full-length novel, 'Tick'. For details on how to get the full length novel, please access the author's page at http://my.bookbaby.com/book/tick *

PRAISE FOR TICK: "TICK is an inspiring, enthralling feline read." - Erin Hunter, International bestselling author of the 'Warriors' series.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Tom Verbrisser is only 18 years old and already has it all. A rising business empire. The fastest car. The biggest house. The finest clothes. He is also a cat. Oh. Well, that last one wasn't part of the plan. 'Tick' is the first novel from P.J. Leonard, and is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign from early 2014.

'Tick' is the story of a young man called Tom. At the age of 18, Tom has it all: a house, a car, a sharp suit, and very soon, a business empire to inherit from his deceased father. One night, he has the strangest experience: all of the London Underground maps have changed his local station to his name. Curious, he follows the signs bearing his name, all the way to an Old Diary factory...

...and then he wakes up. Ah, just a dream, of course! So imagine his surprise, then, when he rolls out of bed and finds out he's turned into a cat.

The race is on for Tom, who must return to being a human within three days, or he will lose his inheritance to his rival, Muezza. But there is more to Tom's changing into a cat than he believed possible. With the help of his own pet cat and a colorful cast of cats from the neighborhood, Tom must make a transformation back to humanity in more ways than one.

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