Peter Hood : Radiya, the Unredeemed     (I. Awake)

Radiya, the Unredeemed (I. Awake)

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Travel & Adventure

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Terry Goodkind, Brian Jacques, Ursula K. Le Guin, Robin McKinley, J.R.R. Tolkien

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Radiya Mountainclaw never cared before. The Mad Princess of Mercanthia’s Eastern Forests, she never cared. Not for anyone. Not before. But when she wakes to find herself alone and abandoned, Radiya will be overcome by emotions that were previously beyond her ability to feel, and the hunger they spark inside of her will drive her down the road to meet a foe like none she has ever known—a foe more terrible than even herself.

While she had been sleeping, a new king had risen up in Mercanthia and spread his rule across the land, over the touched and untouched alike. Now, the Mad Princess of days past and forgotten will have to put a stop to his reign if she is to ever quiet the voices haunting inside of her and begin to make amends for her own and many misdeeds.

But will her felid Magic alone be enough to see it done?

She will have to hope.


I would like to tell you a story.

This story, The Mercanthian Story, is a series of separate tales that combine to tell one large narrative. Indeed, each book in the series is its own unique story, having its own characters with their own exploits and adventures, and does not require the reader to have read any of the other books to read the one they happen upon (a fact which is especially helpful seeing as the Story is told out of order anyhow); however, as each tale is told, it will hint at tales that are to come after and color in the edges of tales that have come before. In this way, the Mercanthian Story will unveil itself to the reader over time.

This book that you have happened upon here, while number 11 in the greater Table of Contents, is actually the first to be released. In it, if you would come along with me, we shall begin our exploration of this place and its people in the middle of the yarn, learning about this world we are traveling to alongside one of its most famous inhabitants, that being Radiya Mountainclaw of Anasthyn and the Eastern Forests, she of dubious past and uncertain future.

If you would like to read the book in its entirety, check it out in the Kindle Store (free from 6/5-6/9)

Lastly, so that you know we will not only be traveling together over this time but will also be seeking to make a difference in our own world as the characters we read about seek to make a difference in theirs, each book in the Mercanthian Story has an organization attached to it that is based on some issue raised within that book’s pages and 10% of the profits from each book will go to its affiliated cause.

10% of proceeds from Radiya's tale go to Love 146. Check out the work they're doing to bring an end to child trafficking here:

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