Phillip Larsen : Suit Up: Put on your big kid pants and get ready for your first taste of freedom!

Suit Up: Put on your big kid pants and get ready for your first taste of freedom!

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You are standing on the edge of the cliff that is adulthood, ready to base jump into next adventure. Satan knows the best time to attack is when you are most vulnerable. You are not a kid anymore but not quite an adult. You are about to experience your first taste of freedom. Make no mistake, the attack is coming. There is no way to dodge it. Your only option is to be prepared to through it. Suit Up!"

Editorial Reviews

"Phillip Larsen is a rare find among Christian writers. He has the unique ability to blend the theological with the practical in a way that remain both relevant and orthodox. This rare combination makes him an important and vital voice in the world of American Christianity where far to often we are forced to sacrifice one for the other. With Phillip, we get both, and his readers are better followers of Christ for his efforts. If you are seeking to follow Jesus in the midst of an increasingly confusing and muddied cultural construct, you need to read this book." Ryan Abernathy, @absonjourney Teaching Pastor, West Metro Community Church, Yukon, OK Managing Partner Workabull Creative

"As the founder of Fieldhouse media, my goal is to interact with student athletes and educate them on how to make social media an asset while avoiding some of it's dangers. Social media isn't going anywhere anytime soon and Phillip explains it in a way that anyone can understand from someone who has a casual relationship with social media to those who are heavy users. Reading Phillip's chapter on social media will help you better understand how to effectively navigate social media in the future!” Kevin Deshazo @KevinDeShazo Founder, Fieldhouse Media"

"Phillip addresses the conversation about sex directly and appropriately, without dancing around difficult issues. It is a chapter I wish I could have read not just in my adolescence but in my early years of ministry, when "Thou Shalt Not" was the prevailing message of the church regarding sex." Steve Bullard @stevebullard Pastor to Students, Southern Hills Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK Managing Partner Workabull Creative

"In a timely fashion Phillip has composed a much needed resource for today’s “gap-year” adolescents. Charming and conversational, Larsen has outlined the questions and concerns posed by many young adults on the fringe of Christianity. However, this book is about more than just offering seeker sensitive wisdom, what it really offers is an invitation to dialogue and transition. I greatly value this work and would suggest to anyone standing on the church’s fringe." Zac Workun @zacworkun Duke Divinity M.Div 2014 Managing Partner Workabull Creative

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