Phil Byrne : Test Market Your New Business Idea Online

Test Market Your New Business Idea Online

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Have a great business idea? Want to know if it will work? This ebook is for you! Let us show you how to test market any business idea using a combo of web marketing channels.

Learn how to:

- Build a great looking landing page in no time at all and save the costs of a full website for your test

- Define and find your perfect target markets online and create adverts that connect and appeal to them

- Monitor the actions of your target market when they absorb information on your business idea and use that to make decisions to take your business forward

Follow this strategy and you’ll have a perfect online test for the viability of your business idea moving forward. Written by two authors with combined experience of over 35 years in web marketing and online business, this a great guide for new entrepreneurs looking to test the validity of their business ideas. For more wonderful web marketing resources for small and micro businesses please visit

Editorial Reviews

It is really tough for an entrepreneur, who is ...

It is really tough for an entrepreneur, who is willing to start a new business online, to understand the complexities of the web marketing techniques and deal with the cut throat competition. Every business, irrespective of its size, involves a certain amount of investment and a huge amount of risk as well.This book proved to be of immense help to me because it pinpoints the various aspects that need to be monitored in order to set up a proper and successful online business.It is, in fact, one of the most profound books that helped me gain a clear insight on the web marketing strategies.A must read for all newbie entrepreneurs!

Great ideasHaving a growing online presence for your products and services is not an easy task as it takes both customer response and profitability aspect. I have committed the mistake of launching products, all new and costly to customers and suffered the consequence of lower traffic and bad annual revenue rates. After reading this book, I have understood that the most important aspect in online business is determining the nature of customers. The failure to choose the right customer demographic would badly affect the business as a start-up. This book would actually help you to take the right steps forward towards setting a successful online business.

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