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Little is known about the strange & mysterious J.D. Peterson, author of "The Thesoddy" and "Erik Miteus". Somewhat unreliable sources suggest that J.D. Peterson was born sometime between 1945 and 1971, or maybe earlier or later. His real name may be Jefferson Davis Pernoste, another noted (and largely unknown) xenohistorian (a specialist in the history of alien cultures). However, his xenohistorian peers, a strange crowd themselves, think that his real name may be J.P. Homer, a 16,000 year old immigrant from the planet Orn that he writes about so fondly. More critical colleagues suggest that J.D. Peterson is a dar moft, which may explain why nobody has ever seen or met the guy. The big nose & green skin would probably give him away.

Of course others think he’s just some nutty writer.

His career as a self-proclaimed xenohistorian is similarly shrouded in mystery, but it probably began back in 1979 when he says he found “The Thesoddy” in the attic of an old, abandoned house in Boston, Massachusetts. According to J.D. Peterson, the work was clearly written by aliens, because he found it in the original Ornian symbols and it said "From Planet Orn" at the top. Unfortunately, this alien document was used to line several bird cages, making the translation very unpleasant. But this incredible discovery started J.D. Peterson on a nearly 30 year obsessive hunt for more evidence of planet Orn, culminating in the recent discovery of "Erik Miteus", which was encased in concrete on the bottom of Lake Michigan.

JD Peterson is committed to continuing his publication of Ornian histories, claiming that "having them all in one place makes them both easier to read and easier to avoid, depending upon your perspective". Perhaps the future holds more discoveries of their works (in trash cans, hidden between walls, or stuffed in the toes of oversized boots) and will allow thousands or millions of people to be able to read them or avoid them more easily.