Peter Mattei : The Deep Whatsis

The Deep Whatsis

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July 23, 2013



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The Deep Whatsis follows a brilliant antihero staggering into madness as he navigates among Brooklyn hipsters, advertising tyrants, corporate hypocrisy, and the ghosts of his past.

Meet Eric Nye: player, philosopher, drunk, sociopath. A ruthless young Chief Idea Officer at a New York City ad agency, Eric downsizes his department, guzzles only the finest Sancerre, pops pills, and chases women. Then one day he meets Intern, whose name he can’t remember. Will she be the cause of his downfall, or his unlikely awakening?

A gripping and hilarious satire of the inherent absurdity of advertising and the flippant cruelty of corporate behavior, The Deep Whatsis shows the devastating effects of a world where civility and respect have been fired.

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Editorial Reviews

“With zingy, hilarious glee, Peter Mattei takes a sharp stick and pokes it at many deserving underbellies: the puffery of
corporate America; hipsters, yoga dudes, and the general
pretentiousness of north Brooklyn; and many more. The Deep Whatsis is
a provocative, darkly subversive, deeply satisfying novel.” —Kate
Christensen, winner of the 2008 PEN/Faulkner Award and author of The Astral

“[A] morbidly satiric look at corporate culture at the crossroads of
art and consumerism…Mattei serves up a rampant critique of haute New
York society.” —Publishers Weekly

“Sharp and insightful, The Deep Whatsis is a vivid
portrait of a young man’s loosening grip on his humanity in the midst of
the random cruelty of big business downsizing…His vision of big-city
corporate life stuns with accuracy.” —New York Journal of Books

The Deep Whatsis is a novel about silly infatuation,
drugs, and near-awakenings. It’s also an eloquent, punchy sendup of the
advertising business and the culture that feeds it. Mattei has created a
character reminiscent of Bret Easton Ellis’ Patrick Bateman, Mark
SaFranko’s Max Zajack, Ben Lerner’s Adam Gordon, and any of Tao Lin’s
chemically dependent narrators. That Eric Nye’s voice is fresh and
unique is a testament to Mattei’s talent, and the reason why fans of
well-written satire should read this novel.” —The Rumpus

“Fans of edgy fiction won’t regret picking up this one.” —Library Journal

“Beautifully rendered…The Deep Whatsis, for all its wit and charm, is a sober account of a man falling apart.” —Word Riot

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