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Max Lucado, Donald Miller, Stephen Lawhead, Henri Nouwen

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Over the last few years, I’ve started to write. More for my own personal wrestling through issues, but maybe my thoughts are similar to yours. I’ve had a lot of battles. I’ve fought a lot of wars. The stories that come to mind and that we write, and those that we don’t, wage an important battle in our lives. I believe stories play an important role in all our lives. If we don’t dare to write out our stories, either on paper or in our choice of words as we walk this planet, we truly are missing out.

What follows are four short-stories that I’ve written. They are all very different. But may they bring important things to the surface in your mind. Dare to wrestle through these concepts. May you begin, or continue, to write the story of your life, either on paper or through the steps you walk in this journey of life, for His glory.

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