Peter Money : mudpits & saviours : an allegorical look at the universal plight

mudpits & saviours : an allegorical look at the universal plight

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Max Lucado, Donald Miller, Stephen Lawhead, Henri Nouwen

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mudpits & saviours was written with one thought in mind: we are all in need of a saviour. Deep down, you know it and I know it. We all need help sometimes. When it feels like we’re stuck in the mud-pit of life with no hope of ever getting out, when there’s nowhere else to turn and we feel like we’re surrounded and sunk in the mud-pits of life, there is help. Whatever your ‘mud-pit’ is, whether it’s a bad week at work, a destructive lifestyle that has surrounded you, a bad attitude that you need to be free from, mudpits & saviours answers one of the most common questions known to man – Is there anybody out there to get me out of this mess I’m in or am I stuck for all eternity in this mud-pit of life? Written as an allegory, mudpits & saviours is complete with provoking imagery that will stir the soul to seek out answers and gut-wrenching truth that will entice the reader to delve deeper into who really is the main character in this story we call Life. Read mudpits & saviours for all its worth. When it feels like your feet are suctioned to the floor of the mud-pits of life, look up. There’s hope on the horizon.

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