Peter Money : LOVE : Through the Eyes of a Dog

LOVE : Through the Eyes of a Dog

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Education & Teaching, Religion & Spirituality

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Max Lucado, Donald Miller, Stephen Lawhead, Henri Nouwen

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I recently wrote a booklet entitled Lessons from Sakin : What I’ve learned about God from my Dog. But quite recently, I captured my dog Sakin (pronounced saw-keen) with my camera gazing out the window (see cover photo). He’s calm enough for me to get the camera pretty close and willing enough for me to take a picture. I was so captured by this picture, I was inspired to re-write the section on love in the Lessons from Sakin booklet I wrote, as I felt that I could have given more time to it, as I feel there is much more to say about this simple (or not-so-simple) concept of love in the world in which we live today. If there’s anything that I could put as a sub-sub-title to my book it would be: Lessons from Sakin. What I’ve learned about God from my Dog - and all that I’ve learned begins and ends with LOVE.

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