Peter Money : I Peter: From Fishing Rod to Shepherd's Rod

I Peter: From Fishing Rod to Shepherd's Rod

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Max Lucado, Donald Miller, Stephen Lawhead, Henri Nouwen

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I must confess at the outset that I have been waiting to write a devotional on Peter for quite some time. As much as I know about his life and ministry, I have never truly read through his first and second letter that he wrote after Jesus' ascension quite like this. And it just makes sense that I read it now. I have had a passion for Christ and have seen a lot of my passion mirrored by Peter's (for better or for worse). As I have traveled through the Gospel of Matthew in my devotions (see, what seems to shine through over and over again is that Peter truly does desire to walk with the LORD but is consistently bombarded by the world - he simply is distracted (see Matt. 14:22-33). And yet Jesus still chose to use him (see John 21:15ff).

This first letter of Peter's, scholars tell us, is most likely written in the year 63 AD. There has always been much debate about the ages of the disciples when Jesus first calls them - some say they were in their mid-twenties, others mid-teens. I don't have any bearing nor research to back up either, but regardless, this time that Peter writes, he is at least in his early 70s - some would say in the prime of his life. As Peter writes, it is clear that he is reflecting back on all the lessons that he has learned and is truly a man transformed by hope. Not hope for hope sake, but hope in the risen Jesus Christ.

In the prime of Peter's life, he certainly was not leaning into the third 'rock' of his rocking chair, wishing and hoping what could never be. He writes this first letter with the assurance that hope in Christ is the only hope every worth hoping in. So travel along with me, will you, to discover, maybe for the first time, a true, lasting, living hope that transcends all others. May we discover together the Living Hope in Jesus Christ.

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