Peter Money : Do You Love Me? Reflections on the Disciple Peter's Journey

Do You Love Me? Reflections on the Disciple Peter's Journey

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Max Lucado, Donald Miller, Stephen Lawhead, Henri Nouwen

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Jesus was the Saviour to Simon Peter Who never let up. As I was led through each of these passages of Scripture, Jesus leapt off the page and began revealing to me areas in my own heart – feelings of doubt, fear, loss of faith – in each of these, I sensed the LORD prodding me to risk exposing them to Him in order for Him to reveal to me the created image He wanted me to be from the beginning. There are many stories in Scripture that leave us uncomfortable, but Simon Peter’s story has left me both comforted in my disturbance and disturbed in my comfort.

Though Simon Peter wasn’t comfortable when his heart was revealed, Who he found, far surpassed the ugliness in his own soul. I have experienced the same. Jesus was a Saviour to Simon Peter out on the storms, on the mountain, on the shore, at the Cross, and at the empty tomb. Jesus changed Simon Peter’s life. He was never the same. I too have experienced this same story.

Though this book follows the life of Simon Peter, my hope is that it will reveal to you so much more about a Saviour that is just waiting to be found – but more than this – He is intentionally seeking after you and me.

Jesus is calling – are you willing to answer?

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