Peter Money : Crucifying The Lone Ranger

Crucifying The Lone Ranger

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Education, Religion

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Max Lucado, Donald Miller, Stephen Lawhead, Henri Nouwen

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I have a colleague who has worked overseas for a number of years. He saw his vocation possibly moving in another direction. He prayed with his wife and family and really sought the LORD. A long story very short, he is now pursuing a pastoring position in North America – a position focused on both supporting and encouraging missionaries who the church supports but also encouraging the church to think more seriously about how they could cultivate more missional hearts in their own lives. And I am a reference for him. Recently, I had a conversation with a man regarding my friend's job capability. The gentleman who I was talking to on the phone was very encouraging and said, at the very beginning, that he knew my friend quite well. After a few pleasantries, he started to ask his questions that he had prepared to ask me. All was going well until we came to this series of questions. He asked, “Is he going to be able to work with others? We are looking for someone who can both work on a team and create one. Or do you believe he is going to be a ‘typical lone-ranger missionary’ who can’t work well with others?” Are you intrigued as much as I am? Dare to walk with me through some of the implications?

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