Peter Money : 3steps 4ward 2steps Back

3steps 4ward 2steps Back

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Max Lucado, Donald Miller, Stephen Lawhead, Henri Nouwen

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It’s kind of a strange thought to think, but where are we all headed, exactly? I mean, if we all sat down one day, without feeling rushed or pressed to answer the questions, how would we answer these questions:

Am I really feeling like I’m getting ahead in life, or am I just ‘passing through’?

Am I feeling like I am making headway relationally, in the work-place, with the dreams that I want to achieve, etc.?

Is life even supposed to give us these feelings of ‘getting ahead’ or is there something else that we’ve missed all together?

We do move forward. It certainly isn’t the speed we would like to go at – I think far too many of us would rather just have the moving forward. Maybe some of us would just want moving back. Either way, I am a very firm believer that we need both in our lives. The question is what do we do with this - what I believe to be - an inescapable reality of life? It really comes down to whether you want to see the encouragement of what is literally in front of you or are you going to be caught up in things that discourage you?

Look out for my first 'full book' hopefully becoming available in the next few months entitled Do you Love Me? a reflection on Peter the Apostle's interaction with Jesus in the Gospels.

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