Jack Matthews : Three Times Time: A Jack Matthews Story Sampler

Three Times Time: A Jack Matthews Story Sampler

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Classics, Fiction & Literature

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Saul Bellow, Ambrose Bierce, Christopher Morley, Anton Chekhov, Mark Twain

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23,000 words


Personville Press

Publication Date

Sept 1, 2013



About the Book    About the Author

One of America’s foremost short story writers has made available 3 of his most intriguing stories for a new promotional ebook. These 3 stories (first published in the 1980s) were chosen because they are accessible, intricately written and provocative on many levels. Also included is a long interview with the author about the craft of storytelling. Total: 23,000 words.

Jack Matthews (1995-2013) has published hundreds of short stories, 8 novels and 8 volumes of literary essays. This ebook republishes three of Jack Matthews’ best stories. “Amos Smith, the Gunsmith” reaches into the folk tale tradition to produce a nice allegory about human labor. “A Woman of Properties” is a satirical suburban tale (reminiscent of Flannery O’Connor or Cheever) about a real estate agent with a grudge. “The Girl at the Window” is an unsettling and mysterious tale about our relationship to the past.

Special Note for Noisetrade fans: During the months of May and June, 2016, Noisetrade will also feature an audio play written by Jack Matthews. This play is called "Interview with the Sphinx." http://noisetrade.com/jackmatthews/interview-with-the-sphinx

Editorial Reviews

"Mr. Matthews is a master of prose conversation and deadpan charm. He is ironic, cool, and shrewd, and he writes a lucid prose."

Tim O'Brien, (Author of The Things They Carried), New York Times Book Review

"Jack Matthews proves once again that he is in the top one percent of American fiction writers. Witty, polished, wise, ironic, with deep insight into the dark recesses of the human heart, Matthews' stories are often intense and humorous at the same time."

W.P. Kinsella (Author of Shoeless Joe)

"Few contemporary writers can – or want to – compose stories in the narrow tunnel of the interior, the rutted trail of memory between mind and heart, sometimes shutting out other people as well as time and place and usual props. Matthews takes us there, carrying a bright light."

Art Seidenbaum, Los Angeles Times

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