D.R. Pedraza : The Solomon Chronicles - Sangre del Unico

The Solomon Chronicles - Sangre del Unico

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Delgado de la Sol is a common man living in the Holy Roman Empire in the year 1414 when he is plucked from obscurity in fulfillment of a prophecy written centuries earlier. He learns, through his new friend and mentor Aaron, of his royal ancestor King Solomon of Jerusalem. Given the power equal to that given to Solomon by God, he must learn to use hisnewly acquired magical arts in order to thwart Zadoc, the powerful minion of Satan. Along the way to what could be the final showdown with Zadoc, Delgado enters the medieval religious and political battle known as the Great Western Schism, uses his budding powers to move into the future and secure the throne for Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain, and helps to unite Spain in fulfillment of the Prophecy of Solomon.

Editorial Reviews

"Written in a beautiful and haunting style,D.R. Pedraza puts the viewer into the center of an amazing world that appears historically accurate. His flare for putting the reader into the action succeeds and visually, the images are
as vivid as any epic motion picture."

Old Hollywood


“many similarities to The Lord of the Rings in terms of genre,structure and tone." New York Literary Group


“It's the kind of writing that
makes me feel like I'm watching as I'm reading...I wanted to read it
through in one sitting...great characters and story.” Dave Walters


“The best kept secret! This book is
incredible. Wow! I can actually feel myself riding
horseback down the same dirt trails, meeting the same knights and
royalty, witnessing the same romance, and fighting in the same
battles (which can be very intense) beside my brethren. It's
written as if I'm physically in the middle of a large
movie scene and a part of history, and the characters
come alive leading me through time with a mesh between real
history and fantasy. It is very intoxicating and hard to put

History Buff

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