Tim Pearsall : Evelina - "Love you to Death"

Evelina - "Love you to Death"

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, JK Rowling, Anne McCaffrey, Ursula K LeGuin

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Evelina is a mutation. Some would say an abomination. Created by pagan magic at the death of Christ, she feeds on the suffering of others. And her curse is longevity.

She tramples down the ages with revenge on her mind, drawn to the miseries of mankind, where there is war and suffering you will find her. At times a warrior, a mercenary, an assassin, a whore.

In modern London she crosses the lives of an ordinary young couple, their futures changed forever. The huntress becomes the hunted, culminating in a showdown with the son of a former adversary. Flashbacks of her former lives both illuminate and complicate her unusual character. The pace is fast, the action bloody and furious.

Editorial Reviews

Dark and unusual. Gripping.

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