Paul Alan Clifford : Podcasting Church: 21st century webcasting for a timeless message

Podcasting Church: 21st century webcasting for a timeless message

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June 2, 2011



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We stand at a crossroads deciding whether to shun new methods to share the Church's timeless message or to embrace them and reap an unparalleled harvest of lives and eternities who are dying to know the good news of the grace and love of God. An opportunity like this hasn't existed before. Will we grasp it or hide in fear from what others are doing to wrench it from our hands? In his book, Podcasting Church, Paul Alan Clifford, founder of and host of Tech, No Babel sheds light on steps necessary to share the Church's message with people who've never heard it before: -Deciding the genre of your podcast. -Assembling the necessary equipment on a tight budget. -Recording, editing, and distributing the finished podcast. -Promoting the content so the most people possible find it. -Tips and tricks to make the process faster and easier.

How will your church's ministry use this technology to spread the Good News?

Editorial Reviews

Craig R Wilson on July 18, 2011

Many smaller churches fail to take advantage of technology - such as podcasting - simply because they lack the knowledge of what is available or how they could and should be applying it. Podcasting church provides any church who desires to further their outreach or expand their ministry to current members all the information they need to take advantage of the many benefits of both audio video podcasting.Some of the information may seem a little technical if you are unfamiliar with audio and video terms, but the vast majority of the book is written in a very easy to understand style. The book inspired me to begin podcasting and gave me the info I needed to start podcasting right away.Also the author is very helpful if you have any questions. Overall, if you're looking for a quick read to introduce your church to the world of podcasting, Podcasting church is a great resource.

J. Caston on May 3, 2013

It appears that podcasting seems to be underutilized by many ministries and once they get a hold of this book that will easily change. This book breaks down the steps to creating an effective podcast and how important that can be to your ministry. This is a great and easy to follow read

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