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Black Mask Studios

Publication Date

October 1st, 2014



About the Book   

What if the Big Bang was not the first of its kind? And, more importantly, not the last? Her whole life, Julia has yearned for adventure, and when she falls through a rupture in spacetime, she finally gets her wish. This cosmological thrill-ride marks the comic writing debut of Patrick Meaney, director of Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods.

Editorial Reviews

"I’m always intrigued when Black Mask Studios launches a new book. I’ve been a huge fan of the publisher since the beginning and find their titles to be vastly underappreciated by the comic market at large. Do yourself a favor and preorder “Last Born” now, you won’t regret it since it’s a thoughtful look at dystopian futures with an engaging element of time travel that feels calmly calculated. It’s confident for a debut, not afraid to ask hard questions about society and features stellar art that is sure to be with you for a while. 9 out of 10" - BloodyDisgusting.com

"Last Born is a fantastically weird sci-fi story with beautiful artwork, and a ton of potential. You should jump on both this title, and this studio, early. 9 out of 10" - OutrightGeekery.com

"Chapter one leaves a ton of room to expand on both plot and characterization, each equally as interesting. The book’s artwork compliments the fresh storytelling nicely, presenting a somber and Give Black Mask Studios a look this week; something tells me this is a miniseries not to be missed. 9 out of 10"- GeeksUnleashed.com

"Personally, I have high hopes for this series. With an intriguing debut issue and a plot which has many strings to its bow, I cannot wait for further editions and to explore this incredible world. 9 out of 10"- TheCultDen.com

"Black Mask Studios are a new publisher (in my world at least) and they’ve made a great first impression with this new title. I’m very impressed with quality of the titles launching right now and have a lot of hope this label will keep putting out work for quite some time. Last Born could easily be a series released by Vertigo or Image comics. It’s an original story with good art and a lot of mystery. I’m going to keep reading and see where this journey takes Julia next! She’s a character with a lot of potential and I’m interested in seeing if she can overcome her repressed upbringing to be the person she’s striving to become. 8.8 out of 10." - RhymesWithGeek.com

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